BioPharm CMC制造解决方案


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  • 超过20年的生物学和小分子溶液

  • GMP Testing Labs located in North America and Europe

  • 专用全球生物食品CMC项目管理

Biopharm CMC.教育中心at Covance


无论是支持下一个目标,每天都对达到下一个客观至关重要,无论是支持IND,NDA / BLA提交还是满足药品释放的接受标准。我们不仅可以帮助您更有效地达到这些目标,我们帮助您了解短期决策对长期目标的影响。


CMC.and the analytical package supporting it can have hundreds of different elements requiring well-coordinated capabilities and specialized expertise operating within a global quality systems framework. We deliver the most rugged, yet cost effective solution to meet the appropriate quality and regulatory standards.

Our Capabilities


In preclinical and early clinical development, you can benefit from making Covance a part of your team. Together, we can create tailored solutions — including API development, preformulation, formulation, regulatory, analytical, technology transfer and IND/CTA-enabling CMC packages.