Early Clinical Development / Phase IIa

An experienced partner gets you results as you introduce your compound in humans and move to proof of concept.

  • 您的临床药理学团队带来了超过30年的直接药物开发经验

  • 您的合作伙伴包括超过250名员工,完全致力于早期患者研究

  • 优化您的早期患者研究,全球300多个调查员站点


Study delays and missed recruitment timelines are far too common. Your main considerations are quality, time and cost. By partnering with Covance, you can rest assured that your drug will stay on track toward the next development milestone. Our processes are specifically designed for early clinical studies. In fact, we have locked over 1,000 databases and met our healthy volunteer and patient enrollments over 90% in the past 5 years.


You want a team of experts that have a proven track record in your therapeutic area. We deliver recognized thought leaders in early clinical design and execution for a variety of therapeutic indications including肿瘤学新陈代谢神经科学心血管在flammationand在fectious disease

Our Capabilities