Phase IV Studies



  • Timely fulfill your post approval commitments.

  • Successfully collect Real World Evidence (RWE) and extend the value of your compound.

  • Strengthen your market position and support uptake.

  • Fill the gap between注册requirements and strategic late phase study designs.

  • 以有意义的方式和通过患者报告的结果(专业人士)与患者接触。

Covance scientists in a lab during drug life cycle management.

The Covance medical affairs and post marketing solutions team will partner with you to deliver customized solutions to meet your design, peri- and post-approval needs.


Life Cycle Management at Covance
  • 理解化合物的生命周期不会停止设计临床开发路径以产生证据。它最终是关于为医疗保健社区和患者带来价值。
  • Converting科学和治疗性的进步改善了成果,将其价值传达给付款人和医生至关重要,因此患者可以快速访问您的药物,并及时获得待遇以进行治疗。
  • Connectingwith key opinion leaders and practitioners across the world to help you create and disseminate your asset’s value through our Investigator Relations Team.
  • 认识到market differences through our Market Access and Commercialization Team that has the expertise to build a value story globally, as well as to customize it for your local market needs.

Whether you need to explore the design elements of a future clinical program, fulfill a regulatory commitment, anticipate a business opportunity or react to a market event, we understand your challenges. Our portfolio of services provides you with a plethora of strategies and solutions to address your needs including:

  • 自然历史研究
  • Pragmatic trials
  • Disease/drug registries
  • Quality-of-life and patient-reported outcomes
  • 卫生成果/健康经济学
  • 比较效果研究
  • Real-world data for healthcare decision making



  • 我们通过Labcorp患者中心独特地访问Labcorp数据库
  • Xcellerate® proprietary of world´s largest investigator database


We offer integrated solutions for evidence generation in a real-world setting while proactively engaging with our clients to adapt execution strategies to their expectations.