General Toxicology Studies

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Your Needs

You need thorough data evaluation and concise reporting – in less time. With the world’s largest and most diversified GLP tox enterprise, we offer you efficiencies of scale coupled with high rigor – for any sized project. In fact, while we work with the Top 20 pharmaceutical organizations, more than 50% of our work is done in collaboration with biotech and emerging pharmaceutical companies.


We meet your company’sanimal welfare policies and exceed them。我们完全拥抱了3次动物福利,并在全球范围内制定了渐进的富集实践。从住房设计中的创新:固有底部持续,增强的社会住房或欧洲住房替代方案 - 为觅食和消退环境的浓缩实践,我们的丰富实践在您的研究结果中提供了明显的增强。


也许你可能会寻找符合GLP标准的毒理学研究, specialty administration routes such as infusion or ocular development services. Maybe you need specialized safety assessment usingnonhuman primates,少年甚至neurotoxicity models。你会发现我们的团队非常熟练和经验丰富的合作伙伴。我们的服务包括: