Central Labs

Covance Central Laboratories generate more clinical trial data than all other central laboratories combined.

Generating quality data starts with protocol- and visit-specific specimen collection kits that are accurately assembled and reach investigator sites on time. Global logistics experts monitor shipments to assure within stability delivery of specimens.

Consistent results are driven through automation and aligned technology and instrumentation platforms. Standardized processes and procedures are used across our global network of central labs – for specialized testing and for high-volume safety testing.

Sponsors and investigator sites can access test results in near real time to support patient care using theXcellerate Lab Sponsor Portaland theXcellerate Lab Investigator Portal.

Scientist working at Covance Central Lab

When studies have been completed, samples can be stored in a Covance purpose-built biorepository. Storage for a broad range of specimen types is provided in secure, protected and monitored facilities. Stored sample inventory can be searched, requested and shipped for further testing needs.

Biomarker-driven drug development can also necessitate the ability to view data across protocols, combining data from multiple different sources. Global Specimen Solutions, a Covance company, offers comprehensive specimen lifecycle management throughGlobalCODE®, a SaaS-based informatics platform. This stand-alone service uniquely combines codified informed consent with specimen management to enable critical visibility from sample collection to destruction.

Global Network and Core Services

Extract the most value out of our globally integrated central laboratory network with the help of our scientific and operational experts.

Specimen Management

Ensure specimen safety and integrity in our purpose-built biorepository backed by fully redundant power supplies and auditable tracking systems throughout the chain of custody.

Seamlessly combine codified informed consent with specimen, clinical and biomarker data using theGlobalCODE®specimen lifecycle management service to further accelerate drug development programs.

Kits and Logistics

Use best-in-class customized, bar-coded, visit-specific specimen collection kits with the confidence they’ll be delivered on time to investigator sites. And rely on our globally-located team of more than 50 logistics experts for contingency plans that help assure on-time and in-stability shipments.

Data and Analytics

View individual test results, monitor trends, track sample shipments, confirm site communications, order kits and access version-controlled laboratory manuals—all through the Xcellerate Lab portals.

Browse combined data across one study or multiple studies with live specimen data using theGlobalCODEspecimen lifecycle management service. View sample reconciliation and codified consent management. Proactively address risks by managing patient enrollment and implementing risk-based monitoring strategies.