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Supporting CAR T-Cell Development with a Translational Biomarker Strategy

Biomarkers play a critical part in accelerating CAR T-cell development. This 25-minute session, delves into the importance of a translational biomarker strategy in assessing safety and efficacy to navigate regulatory pathways in rapid development of CAR T-cell therapies.

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Advancing the Next Generation of Pluripotent and Multipotent Stem Cell Candidates

Cell therapy breakthroughs, such as chimeric antigen receptor T-cell (CAR-T) therapy, have made a significant impact on the oncology landscape, but many potential breakthrough cell-based therapies are emerging in other therapeutic areas, such as neurodegenerative diseases and macular degeneration.

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De-Risk and Streamline Your Drug Substance & Drug Product Testing

The development of a new biologic requires effective management of time and risk. The drug manufacturing process will progress in scale and likely location for both drug substance and drug product.

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Challenges & Best Practices in Supporting Clinical Bioanalysis in China

In this on-demand webinar, learn more about the key considerations and best practices for supporting your global clinical trial with regulated bioanalysis in China. Topics covered include: special requirements for China submission studies, differences in global quality standards and technical expertise, resourcing and customs challenges in China, and advanced technologies for supporting existing and emerging modalities.

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Testing Solutions to Advance Your COVID-19 Clinical Trials

Developing a vaccine or therapeutic in response to the outbreak of the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) requires a laboratory with significant technical and cross-functional experience. Covance Central Laboratories is prepared to support your COVID-19 studies.

Clinical Testing Services for Drug Development

Biomarker-driven trial design and testing add complexity to the drug development process, with laboratory support required at every phase. Covance is committed to helping you navigate the process, providing comprehensive scientific and medical support to complement your drug development program. Our job is to translate extensive experience into insights that will make a difference when partnering to deliver your studies.

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Propel Your Biomarker Strategy

PhD-level leaders within the Covance Biomarker Solution Center can provide specialized therapeutic area expertise to create a successful biomarker strategy for your next study.


“Patient care is always top of mind for Covance clinical trial laboratory services. Thinking about how tests can positively impact patient lives drives us to continually strive to be first to innovation.”

–Patrick Hastings
Global Vice President and Head of Central Laboratory Services

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Overcoming Bottlenecks in Quantifying Oligonucleotide Therapeutics
Overcoming Bottlenecks in Quantifying Oligonucleotide Therapeutics
White Papers
Overcoming Bottlenecks in Quantifying Oligonucleotide Therapeutics: Using LC-MS/MS Technology and Expertise to Reduce Risk and Increase Your Speed to Market Developing bioanalytical solutions to support oligonucleotide drug programs can be challenging due to the unique physicochemical properties of these molecules. This whitepaper outlines both the established and the unique liquid chromatography and extraction technologies Covance has developed to ensure you remain at the forefront of oligonucleotide innovation. Learn how you can benefit from the workflows to: eliminate bottlenecks and accelerate timelines with state-of-the-art liquid chromatography, focused detection and extraction technologies that generate accurate and robust data, rapidly receive the results you need through world-class scientific expertise based on decades of experience in solving complex bioanalytical challenges and capitalize on the rapidly expanding oligonucleotide marketing with the support of technologies and expertise.
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Empowering Development and Enabling Seamless Assay Transfer
Empowering Development and Enabling Seamless Assay Transfer
Case Studies
Exploratory and preclinical studies often require rapid development of assays. In creating novel immunoassays or providing cellular-based analysis, researchers must proactively plan for a transition to CAP/CLIA or GxP facility for qualification, method validation and implementation. These case studies showcase a number of challenging, high-profile projects supported by the Covance Translational Biomarker Solutions (Covance TBS) team.
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Challenges and Best Practices in Supporting Clinical Bioanalysis in China
Challenges and Best Practices in Supporting Clinical Bioanalysis in China
White Papers
In the rapidly evolving Chinese research and development (R&D) landscape, there are several key considerations for effectively supporting global clinical trials with regulated bioanalysis in China. This white paper discusses the current status of bioanalysis in the region, in-country support and local guidance strategies to combat potential challenges in supporting clinical bioanalysis within China.
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Trends in Immuno-Oncology from Preclinical Models Through Biomarkers and Clinical Trial Design
Trends in Immuno-Oncology from Preclinical Models Through Biomarkers and Clinical Trial Design
Videos & WebinarsPlay Video
Learn from three thought leaders in the field of immunotherapy as they share their knowledge on trends and advances across the entire spectrum of development.
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