尽管6月2020日同意加强了对未来关系协议的谈判,但在过渡期结束时,2020年底的“无交易”情景的前景仍然是真实的。因此,我们将继续根据需要调整我们的计划。符合我们改善健康和改善生活的使命,Labcorp / Covance支持在英国和EU27中维持患者的安全和有效药物的行业范围内的位置至关重要。





The UK has published a draft free trade agreement it proposes to negotiate with the EU. The EU has earmarked certain issues that must be resolved prior to advancing negotiations on sectoral elements. These include governance and creation of a level playing field as a condition of access to the EU internal market. The UK rejects the EU approach, arguing that the EU’s demands seek a degree of regulatory alignment not required for the EU’s other trading partners.

While little progress on the future relationship agreements has been made to date, in June 2020, the EU27 and UK agreed to intensify negotiations. The possibility of a "no deal" scenario at the end of the year remains.


What changes during the transition period?

  • 在过渡期间,欧盟通常会将英国视为成员国,除了英国不得参加欧盟机构或治理结构。欧盟法律仍然适用于英国。实际上,这意味着英国必须申请所有欧盟规则,包括在过渡期间所做的任何变更,但不再在制定规则方面发表声音。

  • The UK remains in the EU Customs Union and in the Single Market with all four freedoms, i.e. free movement of people, goods, services and capital, and all EU policies.

  • At the same time, as the UK has left the EU, it now has the ability to negotiate with other trading partners and pursue free trade and other arrangements. It also will consider legislative changes it may wish to make following the end of the transition period. This means that the UK will be preparing, in some instances, to diverge from EU law.

Key Brexit Milestones:

  • End of summer 2020: UK goal for conclusion of negotiations
  • Mid-October 2020: EU deadline for an agreement to allow for approval by the UK, European Council and Member States by year end
  • 31 December 2020:过渡期结束,除非延长。欧盟法规将不再适用于英国。如果英国和欧盟之间未来的关系协议未成功结束,英国和欧盟之间的贸易将由WTO条款和撤销包术语,相对于北爱尔兰将适用。

Our Priorities and Preperation

Going forward, our key priorities are:

  • 通过海关和监管促进,在英国和EU27之间移动的其他商品的不间断运动和生物样本的不间断运动,以及对英国和EU27之间移动的最小中断。

  • Retaining EU27 nationals working in the UK and UK employees at EU27 facilities, and ongoing access to international talent.

  • 对齐的英国和欧盟的法律和/或相互recognition, equivalence, or other cooperation agreements to enable continuing UK-EU collaboration on research and drug development.

  • Securing tax incentives to support future research and development in the UK.

  • Ongoing ability to rely on EU27-UK intra-company temporary transfers to cover peaks and flows of work.

Since June 2017, we have developed and deployed contingency plans, including full implementation readiness prior to the original March 2019 Brexit date. We have continued to refine these plans, and are well prepared regardless of the outcome of negotiations surrounding the future UK-EU trade agreement.

We have obtained Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) certification for our Harrogate (UK) and York (UK) sites to help reduce the risk of delays at the post-Brexit border (AEO status is an internationally recognized quality mark indicating secure international supply chains, and efficient and compliant customs controls and procedures).

We have worked closely with industry associations, including the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI), the European Federation of the Pharmaceutical Industry and Associations (EFPIA) and the Association of Clinical Research Organizations (ACRO), as well as engaging in direct outreach, to advocate for the best possible Brexit outcome for our clients and business.

LabCorp / Covance continue to closely track potential legislative or regulatory changes in the region and remain confident that we will be prepared for any UK regulatory scenario and UK-EU trade relationship.

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