Dermatology Drug Development

With deep scientific acumen and rich medical expertise, Covance, a global CRO, provides patient-centric solutions, cutting edge counsel and Enterprise-wide Centers of Excellence that yield true value in the form of transformative insights and applied market impact.

Advance your dermatology program by partnering with Covance. Together, we complement your scientific expertise and help inspire patient-centric solutions across many dermatological indications and study phases.

  • Add value to your dermatology program with the experience of our medical and clinical research professionals who specialize in the full spectrum of pharmaceutical and cosmetic development

  • Partner with Covance professionals with expertise in dermatology endpoint assessments, including investigator scales, patient-reported outcomes and photographic imaging around the globe

  • Find the right patients and sites in a competitive environment – only Covance combines one of the world’s largest sources of de-identified patient diagnostic and intelligence data with investigator data from the majority of global clinical trials

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Your Needs

You need a partner that can anticipate the potential challenges associated with your study. Covance has extensive global therapeutic and operational experience in dermatology. This global experience includes163 studiesinvolving28092名患者from2,831 sitesacross53 countriesover the past five years.

将值添加到您的项目的专业知识,费用rience and leadership of our team of medical professionals who specialize in the full spectrum of pharmaceutical and cosmetic development. Working as a cross-functional group, the team collaborates with you to provide dermatological advice from medical, operational, regulatory and cost-efficiency perspectives. You can leverage the relationships we have fostered with industry leaders, including photography and dermatopathology core labs, to provide insight and strategic guidance, which leads to better patient experiences, improved clinical outcomes and expedited regulatory approvals.

To run a successful clinical trial, you need dermatology endpoint assessments with investigator scales, patient-reported outcomes and photographic imaging. Rely on our expertise to select the appropriate disease-specific assessments for your trial as we focus on ensuring the quality of data and integration into electronic data capture (EDC) systems.

The disease burden for a dermatology patient encompasses both physiological and psychosocial dimensions with significant impact on Quality of Life (QoL). Covance understands this complex interaction and is committed to the advancement of dermatological health through clinical development. We have consequently partnered with dermatologists experienced in dermatology trials who have a deep understanding of the disease burden for a patient.

As with any trial, it is important to take into account the patient perspective in patient enrollment, and understand that dermatology trials require extra attention. Dermatological conditions are multi-faceted as they not only impact QoL, but also span across all age groups, which demand varying sensitivities. For example, requirements for recruitment and retention of an adult patient would predictably differ from enrolling pediatric and adolescent patients, thus requiring specialized care and sensitivity to the patient and family. With the help of our dedicatedRare Disease and Pediatric Teamwe are perfectly aligned to assist you with clinical development strategy.

In addition to the Rare Disease and Pediatric Team, Covance also has direct patient feedback and has conducted proprietary Voice of the Patient outreach across a wide variety of conditions, including those in dermatology. These insights can further be used to develop patient-friendly protocols and to better understand the impact of inclusion and exclusion criteria on patient recruitment and retention.

Access to experienced sites and patients is key to a successful trial, and is particularly true in the competitive environments. OurXcellerate® Forecasting and Site Selectiontool is one of the largest in the pharmaceutical industry – and provides Covance with unique capabilities to optimize site selection based on industry-wide metrics. This information ensures that low performing sites are eliminated from the outset and resources are re-focused for optimal efficiency.

Within the U.S., via our parent company LabCorp, Covance also has access to the vast patient and clinician database of laboratory testing values. This database covers over 500,000 samples processed daily, with a total of over 16 billion test results overall from over 790,000 unique clinicians in the U.S. Through these data, Covance has unique solutions available to understand the impact of a study’s inclusion/exclusion criteria and identify clusters of patients to optimally locate potential investigators.

The combination of our Xcellerate® data and LabCorp data has demonstrated power in finding the right sites to recruit the right patients. High performing sites on previous dermatology studies (searchable by indications) identified from our Xcellerate® database can be cross-referenced with the LabCorp dataset showing the location of patients with an ICD diagnosis code of interest. In this way, high performing sites can be identified and cross-referenced to areas of high patient density.These two proprietary data sources and tools are unique to Covance and provide valuable insight into finding the right sites for your study.