Cardiovascular Disease Drug Development


  • Obtain cardiovascular endpoints earlier using preclinical models

  • Successfully execute complex mega-trials with Xcellerate®, the world's largest clinical trials knowledgebase

  • Partner with a company that has conducted more than 350 global studies with over 200,000 patients during the past five years

Your Needs


The primary reason for late stage drug failure in cardiovascular trials is the inability to document improvement in outcomes. Therefore, we begin working with you as early as the preclinical phase to design outcomes oriented programs that help minimize risk and maximize your chance for success.

  • 早先通过我们的非卷轴心血管安全评估技术获得安全性,并获得“GO / NO-GO”决定的关键信息

  • 通过我们的心脏超声波,磁共振成像,核扫描和CT血管造影的经验增加了您的研究,通过利用目前服务的医生团队或已经服务于学术和核心影像实验室董事

  • Validate your drug’s safety and efficacy by proactively identifying those biomarkers – assays, multicomponent panels or imaging-based – that are most predictive of risk or success

  • Go beyond surrogate biomarkers by demonstrating actual improvements in cardiovascular outcomes with well-designed trials

  • Reach your clinical development goals faster with specialized design and conduct of Phase I - Phase IV trials across a wide range of small, molecule, devices and biologics including genetic therapies, peptides, enzyme replacement and stem cells

导航cardiovasc的特定的复杂性ular mega-trials is a big challenge. Success often depends on investigator interest and recruitment of appropriate patient populations. To help point you toward success, we have partnered with cardiovascular academic research organizations (AROs) who provide both medical and scientific leadership as well as insight into investigator and site quality. This partnership, in combination with Covance’s proprietary Xcellerate® knowledgebase—the world’s largest database of site selection and clinical laboratory data—enables you to identify patients for your trial faster, saving valuable time and money.

Once your trial is up and running, we will help to further reduce your timelines through proven operational efficiencies learned from prior successes in more than 200 global clinical endpoint trials.

Our Integrated Services

We deliver a holistic suite of services for cardiovascular drug development. From lead optimization through commercialization, we have the expertise and resources to help manage the complexity of your molecule and transform your results.


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Charmag Shirodaria,MD,MBA
Honorary Consultant Cardiologist Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Dr. Cheerag Shirodaria joined Covance in 2011 and has pursued clinical cardiology and intensive cardiac care in an Oxford University academic practice for more than a decade. As an interventional cardiologist, he provides expertise at Covance in all aspects of coronary artery disease, in particular acute coronary syndrome (ACS) and device therapies. He is also an expert in cardiac imaging, having completed his doctoral thesis on the use of novel MRI-based imaging techniques to assess vascular function.

Dr. Shirodaria also serves as the co-director of the cardiac CT imaging program at the University of Oxford, where he remains on the faculty. He has successfully designed and led a number of stem cell trials in the acute MI population and is a member of the trial steering committee for numerous trials.


Jonathan Plehn,MD, FACC


Dr. Plehn has participated as both an investigator and as a manager of a wide range of clinical trials. These have ranged from small proof of concept trials in rare diseases and novel molecules and biologics to phase 3 pivotal cardioavascular outcomes trials. At the same time he maintains his academic contacts continuing to publish and review manuscripts from top cardiology journals and is on the Editorial Board of the Journal of Cardiac Failure.