Incorporate market access and Phase IV solutions into your COVID-19 program strategy. We offer comprehensive real-world safety, efficacy and patient access provision for post- and peri-approval studies.

Access Forward-Thinking Solutions for Post-Marketing and Real-World Studies at Covance

Late-phase and commercialization activities are complex and require informed strategies to maximize your product’s clinical and commercial value. Together we can help you over come the unique challenges as you prepare to launch and commercialize your COVID-19 product, ensuring that patients have access to safe and effective treatments.

Generate evidence, communicate the value and expedite patient access

Once a viable COVID-19 vaccine or treatment reaches the market, it is essential to convert the scientific and therapeutic advances to improved outcomes by communicating its value to payers and physicians, while navigating reimbursement challenges thatfacilitate fast accessto patients and payers.

The importance of business continuity planning in Patient Support Programs

It’s never too early to evaluate your current and future reimbursement call center strategy and be as prepared as possible for the unexpected events that interrupt patient access to your COVID-19 therapy.

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Monitor the ongoing safety and efficacy of your COVID-19 vaccine or therapy

Plan your patient safety journey from clinical trials to post-marketing to ensure patient safety and regulatory compliance, while improving quality and data integrity and gain valuable insights about your safety andpharmacovigilance operations.

As your partner, we can optimize patient support, adherence and product access by leveraging real-world evidence (RWE) and innovative Phase IV studies to demonstrate value, efficacy and safety of your COVID-19 product to payers, prescribers and regulatory bodies, as well as provide you with a world-leading safety solutions portfolio.

  • Successfully collect RWE and extend the value of your compound
  • Strengthen your market position and support uptake
  • Fill the gap between registration requirements and strategic late-phase study designs
  • Engage with patients in meaningful ways and through patient-reported outcomes (PROs)

Moderated by: Jerome Premmereur, VP Patient Safety Solutions & Adjudication, Covance



特色:Thomas Leigh博士


A podcast featuring Dr. Thomas Leigh, an Executive Medical Director and Head of the Medical Group at Covance Patient Safety Solutions & Adjudication -- The global COVID-19 pandemic has brought new urgency and challenges to reporting drug adverse events in clinical trials and the consumer market. It may well be the case in the months to come that we learn of adverse events which took place during the lockdown but which are only reported at a much later stage. The pandemic and its effects are significant, and it will be very important for all of us involved in the assessment of safety of medicines to look out for evidence of safety events which perhaps have not previously come to light.