Using Xcellerate Data Review, data managers can detect instances and sources of missing data, high query rates, delayed data entry and other data quality issues that impact trial data integrity. This can result in more informed decisions during trials and ensure readiness for database lock.


Xcellerate Data Review addresses these issues by providing detailed tracking of missing pages, listing outstanding queries and identifying data discrepancies with automated reporting.


Benefits of the Xcellerate Data Review:

  • 不可知论者:集成到现有的试用管理源系统中
  • 遵守:通过审计跟踪和历史跟踪支持遵守ich GCP和其他指南
  • 全面: accelerates and automates issue resolution through an advanced workflow engine
  • 易于使用: provides user-centric web and mobile user interfaces
  • 有效:通过自动识别重复的非EDC编辑检查进行全面的差异管理
  • 高效:处理批量查询以进行识别的差异;与EDC集成进行查询自动化
  • 未来证明: scales to current and future data volumes via state-of-the-art architecture