Xcellerate Action Alerts

As a fully automated tool, Xcellerate Action Alerts continuously monitors clinical study data and sends actionable alerts and notifications to study teams, boosting clinical study monitoring and improving quality management.

Integrates into existing trial management source systems



值it Brings to the Outcome of a Trial

Xcellerate Action Alerts为常见指标应用标准模板,以使临床研究团队能够快速部署和自定义学习行动警报。这些警报为研究团队带来信心,即在可能需要采取行动时会提醒合适的团队成员。XCellerate Action Alerts取代了耗时和不可靠的手动监视过程许多学习团队今天使用。


Studies are becoming more complex, with more data sources, more clinical trial management systems, larger teams and more geographical locations than ever before. To successfully manage quality, study teams need a way of ensuring that they are aware of expected and exceptional metrics and events across all systems in near real-time.

使用Xcellerate Action Alerts,可以通过电子方式可用的任何研究数据驱动警报。警报可以包含高价值信息,包括学习,国家/地区和主题详细信息,运营度量标准和风险值,建议采取的行动和特定的细节,如不利事件和协议偏差。

Xcellerate Action Alerts的好处:

  • Agnostic: integrates into existing trial management source systems
  • Compliant:减少了常规或关键事件错过的可能性
  • 方便:通过电子邮件发送警报和通知
  • Easy-to-use: provides alerts and notifications which are logged, tracked and reportable from within the system
  • Effective: detects and addresses operational issues proactively
  • Efficient:减少依赖手工surveillance processes


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