Xcellerate Lab Investigator Portal

XCellerate Lab Investigator门户提供方便的按需实验室数据,以确保网站效率并减少返工。

Highlights issues and areas of action

Facilitates efficient data management

Enables comprehensive tracking of results

值it Brings to the Outcome of a Trial

The Xcellerate Lab Investigator Portal provides clinical trial investigator sites near-real time access to test results and trends. With easy-to-navigate dashboards and an intuitive user interface to track your trial, you can quickly identify and act upon issues.


及时访问您的中央实验室测试数据至关重要。通过提供近实时信息,Xcellerate Lab调查仪门户网站有助于降低站点返工的风险,提高效率,提高最新,版本控制的文件,并改善研究团队和调查人员之间的合作。亚博全站官网通过安全的在线访问,您可以随时查看所有相关的实验室信息,以便在网站或主题级别查看趋势,下载和打印多个文档,查看网站通信和操作,并更及时地进行跟进。

Xcellerate Lab调查仪门户的好处

  • 透明
    • near real-time access to results
    • 屏幕结果和趋势图表,允许调查人员在超出范围的结果上快速识别和行动亚博全站官网
  • Efficient
    • ability to download and print multiple documents, enabling efficient management of lab reports
    • easy-to-read graphical representations of on-screen results
    • 能够随时随地查看相关的实验室信息
  • Effective
    • 增加现场效率的能力
    • 简化的文档审查流程,突出显示文件是否已阅读和谁
Xcellerate Lab Investigator Portal

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