Covance MarketPlace – Find the Right Partner for Your Drug Development Program

Find the right partner with the desire and resources to help you realize your asset’s potential. Through our private, secure and exclusive online portal, you can share information about your asset to attract potential investors or partners. It's one more innovative way to transform the profile and success of your program.

  • Enhance your visibility to companies seeking new development candidates.
  • Connect with the right partner – aligned to your therapeutic area, mode of action or development goal
  • 增加对资产质量的信心 - 包容对您的分子与董事会声誉保持优良的品质
  • 在我们的独家网站上保护您的资产
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在试图出售或许可复合的候选人的拥挤领域,脱颖而出可能具有挑战性。凭借前所未有的药物开发商独家网络,Covance Marketplace允许您在发展早期发展期间对您的资产获得至关重要的可见性。通过增强目标搜索领域和资产警报的增强伙伴匹配权,Covance Marketplace甚至进一步进一步确保右寻求者早些时候看到您的资产 - 所以你做出了正确的连接。


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